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Rapanui, is the most isolated spot in the world, it is a place that keeps until today the lifestyle of its ancestors. Customs, ideas, histories and abilities related with the land, the sea and the spirit which are passed through generations, preserving a 2500 years old culture. Rapanui is a big air free museum because of its uncountable archeology, by walking through it is not enough because each stone has its own story and meaning, full of mythology, legends and mysteries.


Our intention is to show and teach the visitors typical activities of the island in the most traditional way, with native tourist guides and tours designed to experience the essence of the rapanui world. We invite you to disconnect for a while of the civilized and globalized rhythm to live the time and space that the life on an island can give to you and feel the deep contact with nature which our ancestors knew and respected.

About Us

We are an intercultural couple, Moi Moi Tuki, a native from the island and recognized artist, keeper of the knowledge of the oral tradition and it´s legends, histories and patautau or ancestral poetry. He is also a fisherman and farmer, he has been part of many typical rapanui folk groups and he has won many competitions of the tapati or rapanui week, together with Dayan Dreyer, Chilean citizen, psychologist and a world’s related person.

Quienes Somos Quienes Somos Quienes Somos

We live in a natural way in our field dedicating ourselves to agriculture, fishing, ancestral traditions and today, to show all the wealth of the rapanui culture to the visitors who wish to share this experience guided personally by us. We count with modern vehicles (Volkswagen Transporter 2009) for 7 passengers and capacity for organizing tours to companies, student tours and independent groups with anticipation.